Wedding photography gear - 2019


If you don’t know me, my name is Jérémy Schmit, i’m a wedding photographer based in Saint-Louis (France) next to the Swiss border.

I started my photographic journey about 1 year ago. At first, I felt in love with street photography. I consider this to be the most difficult kind of photography you can do, but also the most beautiful and rewarding one. After all, what is better than photographing and documenting people?

So, the transition from street photography to being a wedding documentary photographer was relatively easy. I could also take sneaky pictures and candid pictures, but in this case, I was paid for it!

So, to come back to our main subject why you came here, let me show you:

My wedding photography gear

My photography gear is an important part of my job. Because my inspiration is to grab those sneaky shots, my gear needs to be as discret as possible. I choose to work with the Fujifilm-X series equipment in all-black. I shoot most of the time with two X-T3 attach to my harness. On one of them is paired with the Fuji 56mm f1.2 and one the other with the 16mm f1.4. I used to shoot with the 23mm f1.4 and not with the 16mm f1.4, but for some reasons I really fell in love with the look of the 16mm wide angle. In my opinion, it make everything looks even more dynamic.

The latest editions to my kit are the Contax T2 and the Nikon F100 (or sometimes the Nikon F3). Being able to also shoot analog is really nice. It slows me down. When I use a film camera, I’m more focused and I think a lot more about my composition. In analog photography, you really don’t want to waste your roll. Every frame should count.

For the future, if I am still inspired by analog photography for my weddings, I may invest in a medium format camera. You will only find out when I compile the 2020 Wedding photography gear overview!

So stay tuned!

Listing of my gear:

  • Fujifilm X-T3 (Black) x2

  • Fujifilm X-Pro 2 (Backup camera)

  • XF 16mm f1.4

  • XF 23mm f1.4

  • XF 56mm f1.2

  • XF 35mm f1.4

  • XF 35mm f2 (Backup)

  • XF 50mm f2 (Backup)

  • XF 16mm f2.8 (Backup)

  • Leather harness

  • Instax SQ6

  • Instax Wide 300

  • Instax SP-3

  • Nissin i40

  • Nissin i60

  • Nissin air 1

  • Fuji batteries x10

  • Contax T2 + Nikon F100 (Or Nikon F3)

  • Portra 400 x5 + Ilford HP5 x 5

  • SD card holder x2

  • LaCie storage 4 To